Whale Group Access - Can we lower it to 200M

I noticed not a lot of folks holding 400M KNINE, of which not a lot of influence can be gained, but if the threshold was lowered to say, 200M - 300M the “Whale” community would be a lot larger and more easily accessible by smaller holders, what you think community?

Also, can we add some critia such as: (for those that don’t have as much K9 but not far off from meeting the threshold)

no sells since buying K9
Holding K9 since day 1


Agreed, even 300 would be great!


Same lol at the time of the post it was like 21k to whale in. But 2-3 would give something to work towards. And sense day 2 and holding.


I would take this even further and say drop it to 100 million.
Reality is what percentage of our holder have or could have this much. It’s an exclusive club as it stands now.
On that not how about adding in holders who stake 50 million or more.
I also like day 1 holders OG club.


I’m in favor of preserving the prestige and challenge that comes with being classified as a whale in our community. In my view, the current threshold of 400M $KNINE strikes a fine balance. It’s attainable for those dedicated to investing in our community’s growth while still representing a significant commitment.

As a pre-buyer who has chosen to actively increase my holdings by 44% instead of cashing out, I’ve navigated the ups and downs of market fluctuations, always with a long-term investment perspective and 101% support for the K9 project. Such dedication should be recognized and celebrated.

Instead of lowering the whale status threshold, I suggest we adopt a tiered recognition system. Inspired by the ‘shark’ and ‘dolphin’ statuses in communities like Shibarium Tech discord, we could honor holders with significant, albeit different, levels of investment. This approach incentivizes growth and engagement across the spectrum without devaluing the whale designation.

I’m confident that this could motivate more investors to incrementally increase their stakes and solidify their commitment to our community, just as I have done, fostering a stronger and more resilient ecosystem without the pressure to sell.


Love this suggestion


love. I’m in favor of this for sure

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I agreed with Seizanshib 100%.

Also love Ruggrat’s suggestion adding a criteria no sells since buying K9
Holding K9 since day 1


Based on the current holder’s data on Etherscan about 30 wallets will qualify, of which some are exchanges and special wallets.
Also, thinking of the benefits, like early product access, I believe we’ll need many more people to have early product access to be able to test and advertise whatever product it is, and to create a buzz. 30 to 50 holders are too few.
If the community perceives that only a few holders are benefiting from monthly giveaways it is unlikely to sit well with the community and might create resentment.
As such it is probably a good idea to lower the qualifying limit by maybe half.
You want these benefits to go to individuals who will use the product and not exchanges or organizations.


Some of my sentiments as well.


As we approach the commencement of the 12-month linear vesting period in just 8 days, we stand at the threshold of an exciting new phase for our $KNINE holders and the market dynamics. This marks not just a new chapter but an opportunity for us to demonstrate the strength and unity of our community.

Etherscan doesn’t currently display the tokens that are locked in vesting contracts, which means a substantial portion of $KNINE’s total supply is not accounted for for the whale status, yet.
Once the vesting period begins, there will be a monthly release of these tokens.
Furthermore, the non-visible holders on CEXs and those who spread their investments across several wallets also contribute significantly to our ecosystem. They might not be accounted for on Etherscan, but their impact and potential response to policy changes must be considered.

Maintaining a high threshold for whale status is a gesture of appreciation to our staunchest supporters, recognizing their commitment to the K9 project. It’s a strategic decision designed to reinforce market stability and foster confidence during this period of growth and evolution.

I am confident that our community will consider the broader implications of the vesting schedule with wisdom and foresight. Thus, I reiterate my earlier proposition: introducing ‘shark’ and ‘dolphin’ statuses could enrich our recognition system, welcoming more holders into prominent roles without compromising the exclusivity and prestige of whale status.

Our collective goal remains to ensure a balanced and thoughtful entry of vested tokens into the circulating supply, celebrating our holders’ dedication without inciting undue market turbulence.

Let’s continue to steer our project with the same prudence and vision that has brought us this far, always mindful of our long-term journey and the prosperous future we are building together.


Well said. Keeping the prerequisites for whale holders high gives investors a goal to reach within the project that also shows loyalty to some degree, alongside commitment. I agree to not make any changes to our eligibility.


One thing to consider is that you cannot see the vested tokens held on the contract waiting for claim on-chain in a way where you can count wallets/holders. The number of holders above 400m may be different from estimates.


I don’t have a strong opinion here, but think a few things need to be considered:

  1. The original threshold for the whale chat was 0.25% of the total supply to make the chat ultra exclusive. It was recognized that this could be too exclusive and restrictive and not in the ethos of decentralization and openness in the right manner
  2. Lowering this threshold to 400M makes it significantly more accessible to more people
  3. The purpose of a whale chat is to have a group that has a significant vested interest in the project with a relatively attainable way of getting into the chat, while still making it exclusive and coveted

The idea behind the lowering to 400M by a Management Council member was to make it more accessible than current

When you look at this proposal from the lens of the DAO Mission (to promote DeFi adoption on Shib) I am not sure that spending a lot of time and resources changing the numbers slightly makes significant strides towards our DAO mission

With that being said, I’d be supportive of a vote in the future that presents several options for token holders to vote on for the threshold of the whale chat. For example:


And token holders could vote on the threshold.

To me, whale chats are relatively elitist. Not something I personally spend too much time thinking about. To me, 1 KNINE token is enough to be part of the DAO and as a community we want to value everyone’s opinions equally. That’s the spirit of decentralization


While 400M is a high number, even at current prices (.000038), whales aren’t meant to be compromised by lowering the threshold. If we want to see big numbers come in, then enticing someone to be a whale at 400M KNINE is what can help do that. If we lower the entry by half, then even peons like me would be in there and I don’t come close to seeing myself as a whale.

Though I like the idea of being able to participate in the whale events and receiving tokens and bonuses and such, I know I need to accumulate more KNINE to do so.

Being a whale is not a small feat and as such should be unattainable by most. As Buzz stated, it is elitist. Let it remain that way.

We have opportunities to win tokens through comps, can exchange for more, will be able to stake and earn more, etc. etc. If you really want to be a whale in a major project, then work towards it.

There are 1T-1 KNINE tokens out there, go get them!


Against. 400M is attainable and a good balance given current pricing conditions. If anything, it should go up at some point


I recant my initial opinion of 300 million, 400 is good with me. Thanks

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After recent market fluctuations, I think 400M is good as well.


I’m in support of 300m. Roughly 10k at current market.

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400m is a fair amount, not too low or too high. We all must accumulate to reach this goal. :saluting_face:

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