Request to get KNINE Listed on ChangeNow/SimpleSwap

I’m requesting that KNINE be listed on both or either ChangeNow and SimpleSwap. Both platforms are deeply integrated within other platforms which would allow broader K9 adoption ex ability to buy KNINE in Tangem and Ledger wallet via swaps, debit, credit.

The reason I’m requesting this is:


Support greater KNINE adoption
Cross-chain swaps (easier purchasing of KNINE)
Increase KNINE liquidity

I need community to help decide what the cons are??


The listing fee is somewhere between $10k to $20k. I already have a chat room open with this outstanding team.

It’s not a highly used service but if everyone is onboard, then this is an easy lift.

If everyone supports, I recommend adding Guardarian as well because their products enhance each other. Guardarian will discount their listing fee $5K. I already negotiated that. I think they can come down more with co-marketing.

These products enhance product integration in various wallets ie Ledger etc.

Not a necessity, but a nice to have and I’d go for it if we can afford it, which we can.


I’m not familiar with those but sounds like they would be very useful for people with hard wallets… Are they CeX or d e x I haven’t done my research… I use ledger and it sounds like it would be very helpful to me


Sounds great. For it.

Proposal reviewed at Roundtable of Dogs on 5/10/24

4. Change Swap / Simple Swap - PROPOSAL DELAYED

33% of Roundtable voted yes to the ChangeSwap/SimpleSwap proposal
22% of Roundtable voted no to the ChangeSwap/SimpleSwap proposal
45% of Roundtable voted Revisit in future meeting to the ChangeSwap/SimpleSwap proposal

Takeaway - Roundtable discussed that requests like this should be put under a proposal that is less tactical and more in line with an integration & exchange budget to be managed by a specific member of the DAO who would be able to do a cost/benefit analysis on whether or not this would be a profitable investment to make as an integration. Given that the cost was estimated (not confirmed) in the proposal to be $15k the Roundtable did not feel that the necessary information or expertise of integration was included in the proposal to allow this to go to a vote.

The outcome is that the Roundtable is in favor of a broader proposal for an integrations budget to be managed by a DAO member to evaluate this and many other integrations so that there are not specific one-off requests like this.