Proposal for Subscribing to X Premium Organizations with Gold and Affiliate Badges

Proposal Summary

This proposal recommends that K9 Finance DAO subscribe to X Premium Organizations with the Gold Badge and Affiliate Badges. The subscription will provide significant benefits, including free advertising spend, enhanced visibility, and monetization opportunities for our community members.

Benefits of X Premium Organizations Subscription

  1. Free Advertising Spend:

    • Increased Reach: Top-level organization accounts receive a substantial amount of free advertising spend, enabling us to run quick, impactful ads.
    • Marketing Opportunities: These ads can be strategically used to promote K9 Finance initiatives, events, and updates, thereby increasing engagement and attracting new users.
  2. Affiliate Badges for Community Members:

    • Recognition and Motivation: Affiliate badges can be awarded to active community members who contribute significantly on X, making them stand out.
    • Extended Reach: Badge holders receive extended reach on the platform, helping to amplify K9 Finance’s message.
    • Exclusive Benefits: As a benefit of holding the K9 Badge, community members will also receive a free X Premium subscription.
  3. Boost in Reach and Monetization:

    • Enhanced Visibility: All organization members receive a significant boost in reach on X, ensuring our posts and updates reach a wider audience.
    • Monetization Opportunities: Members qualify for monetization, providing additional revenue streams for active contributors.
    • Grok Access: Members gain access to Grok, enhancing their capabilities on the platform.

Financial Considerations

  • Cost Analysis:

    • Monthly Subscription: $1,000 per month
    • Annual Subscription: $10,000 per year (a cost-effective option offering savings)
  • Value for Money: Given the substantial perks, the investment in X Premium Organizations is highly cost-effective. The free advertising spend alone provides considerable value, while the additional benefits further justify the expenditure.

Implementation Plan

  1. Subscription Enrollment:

    • Enroll K9 Finance DAO in the X Premium Organizations program, opting for the annual subscription to maximize savings.
  2. Distribution of Affiliate Badges:

    • Identify and award Affiliate Badges to key community members who are active and contribute positively on X.
  3. Utilization of Advertising Spend:

    • Develop a strategic advertising plan to utilize the free ad spend effectively, focusing on promoting major K9 Finance initiatives.
  4. Monitoring and Reporting:

    • Regularly monitor the impact of the enhanced reach and advertising efforts.
    • Provide quarterly reports to the DAO on the benefits and ROI of the subscription.


Subscribing to X Premium Organizations with Gold and Affiliate Badges presents a strategic opportunity for K9 Finance DAO. The significant benefits, including free advertising spend, increased reach, and enhanced visibility for our community members, make this investment highly valuable. We recommend approving this proposal to subscribe for a full year at the cost of $10,000 to fully leverage these advantages.

Action Items

  • Approval of Subscription: Vote to approve the expenditure of $10,000 for an annual subscription to X Premium Organizations.
  • Implementation Team: Assign a team to manage the subscription, distribution of badges, and advertising strategy.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Establish a schedule for regular impact assessments and reporting to the DAO.

We, the supporters of this proposal, believe this investment will significantly enhance our presence on X, engage our community, and drive the growth of K9 Finance. We look forward to the DAO’s support in this initiative.

We appreciate your time in consideration of this matter, and look forward to your feedback.


I support this proposal :100:


Nice proposal (and very well written! :heart:). I fully support this and also think it will add more credibility to K9 Finance’s account on X with the gold badge. Plus, it will make it harder for scammers to imitate K9. Great initiative!


Could this be done through the already approved marketing budget?

$200K to Ape Bond, $60K to marketing, $80K to development, $XK to operations. $2K to FB.

You gotta spend money to make money, but I’d rather the marketing budget handle this fee.


Very well thought out. Makes perfect sense to me. I support this proposal as it would draw more attention to K9 Finance. Even if we assessed it on a yearly subscription bases.


I support this proposal, well written also!


Easy layup on this one, Thanks Sir


All In! 100% Support this!


Great proposal… Who’s the genius behind this one… as with all my comments it’s a business decision and after a year the management council should review it s results…


Awesome proposal! Very well written.
:100: in support of this :slight_smile:


I support this proposal.


I support this proposal! :+1:


YES!!! BUT!!! Can it taken from the marketing budget as @Couch_Adventures suggested? Sounds like Marketing to me. If not, can someone explain why not?


Yup, what they said;) from roundtable-of-dogs; “and should be included as part of the primary marketing budget” <3


I also support this.


Would this not fall under the advertisement department budget like facebook did?
Should we actually be voting to increase the advertising budget to meet the needs of this proposal?
I believe the K9 X account to be our main source of advertising and we should invest wisely in it.


I agree with @Joyride01 being X/twitter as main advertisement



I approve this message. LOL! Seriously though, great idea, well written.


Excellent proposal! I support this 100%

Also agree should be under marketing budget


Great idea, I agree with this suggestion.