Proposal: Build out and run a K9 Finance Facebook group

Agreed, there needs to be a plan, roadmap, and receipts for where the $2K is going every month.

I was under the assumption the core team was expanding team members and interviewing for specific titles like marketing and moderator and the such.

I don’t want to give money to just anyone, but someone who’s been vetted and proven to get results.

How does the k9 interview process work, if there is one?


I can verify that information


The 2k is 1.5k for Matthew and 500 for an assistant.

People need compensation for work and building out something as big as an official social


Haha yeah, heard it on X-Space today.
All good, thumbs up from me:)


I agree with creating a community following on social media for presence and business communication to the public, but I repent the use of facebook as the portal.

Aside the investigation into Mark Zuckerberg in the sale of personal data to anyone in advertising, essentially being a data broker, I do not like the users, the content, or the constant “in your face” attitude that most people bring about on said portal.

With my own experience just trying to delete my profile on Facebook not being easy I also do not like the falsehood they impose.

Add in the “misinformation” clause and things become dicey on that portal. You might get your own profile marked as unfit for use on the portal like I. I no longer use, view, or even click links associated with facebook. I know Shib has their own meta space that has yet to see a launch date but I despise facebook.

For me it started with their censorship back in 2018. I deleted my profile and found out three months later everything was still there. So I deleted it word for word, post by post, unfriend by unfriend, and the hardest part my hobbies and interests.

I like your idea but I do not like facebook and anything associated with it. Notwithstanding I say we should choose a new platform. Something thats rising up. It can be any portal besides facebook. Otherwise this will be a project that I will ignore, and at the same time despise knowing exists. Just know that I will try to remain completely NEUTRAL on the choice of facebook, but will not view its content or engage with it in any way shape or form and will ask that my alias be excluded from anything on facebook and its platform for this project.

Sorry for the harsh words but the scar I have from facebook is jarring.


Once again I would like to reiterate my standing on the proposal I am in total support for the Facebook project and Matthew… My standing is where there’s a salary there should be oversight


I am also in total support


Facebook has proven to be a strong community building platform for crypto, especially within the Shib ecosystem. Matthew has first hand experience growing and managing these groups and I fully support this proposal.

As with any proposal, ongoing oversight will happen via the management council assuming this proposal were to move forward.

Similarly, it should be expected that these things do not move in straight lines. There are no guarantees in social media when doing things the right away, same goes for SEO and most other forms of digital marketing. The expectations should be around execution and I have no doubt Matthew is well qualified to implement the proposed strategy.


in support of this also.


Does it really take $2000 a month to build and maintain a facebook page?

I think there should be a quarterly check on its
Performance starting after six month grace period. I like to make sure we not wasting our time and funds.


Exactly. 2000 usd is much in my opinion
But let’s see the result . If it’s worth it

The metrics should be engagement and not numbers going up as those can be gradually bought.

I see value but I’d LIKE THAT WE COUNTER OFFER DOWN TO $1,500…

BUT to meet Matthews ask of $2000, him and his team can organize a bi-weekly K9 interview FB Live format with either Devs, Advisors, Council, WHALEs, Community members that hold $KNINE/KnBONE, content creator highlights and/or other DAO members? [FB interviews could add value and exclusivity to K9’s FB page.

I’ve never ran an official site but for $1500 a month plus $500 for an assistant this seems like the minimum BUT I’m a hard ass.

Just basic math assuming a 3 HOUR workday with 1 hour of an assistant:
2K a month/4 weeks =
$500 a week =
$100 day = $75 for 3 hr. and $25 for 1 hr. assistant

I’m just asking out loud since it’s a 24K a year question!

Lastly, I guess DAO would STILL have to come out of pocket for ads?

Not sure how I feel about that, perhaps 5 to 10 percent of 2k goes into a future marketing budget?

Just thoughts


I fully support @BoneArmy 's suggestion

It’s huge


Breaking down the hourly and daily…I don’t think that is even close… It’s a 7 day a week job… An asst can in no way monitor everything in a hour neither could Matt in 3 hours… With different time zones even more monitoring would need to occur…


Again, im all for this. I listened to MrMathewV explain thing’s last night in the telegram VC and he is solid. I really hope this passes.


This proposal was discussed in the 6/10/24 Roundtable of Dogs meeting.

Summary here Meeting Summary for Roundtable of Dogs Meeting #3 6/10/24


I agree we need a FB presence but I feel the proposal is open-ended, lol, also I was just applying pressure for higher ROI for K9 DAO’s $24,000.00 (minimum not including additional Ads) a year investment.

I joined the Telegram VC with you (Frank) and Mr Mathew. I drilled him as you recall. It’s all love but the proposal was vague and open-ended with no performance criteria.

I believe the Roundtable also had an opinion on this, not sure on what points exactly. I will edit this below with new thoughts once I read it. [End]


100% of Roundtable voted yes to modifying the K9 Facebook Group Proposal

0% of Roundtable voted no to passing the K9 Facebook Group Proposal

Takeaway - This proposal received support but was identified as too tactical, and should be included as part of the primary marketing budget, along with other new marketing activities the management council has identified."

I agree, great call. An overarching marketing blitz which Matt can be a part of too!