Meeting Summary for Roundtable of Dogs Meeting #3 6/10/24

Roundtable of Dogs Meeting Notes June 10, 2024


Buzz (non-voting resource)
Morten SH
My Name is Mudd
Seth Shapiro

Meeting Intro by Buzz

Buzz and Turtle gave a summary of treasury status, budget updates from the last meeting, notable DAO achievements, etc.

1. Proposal to use ApeBond for $200k Liquidity - PROPOSAL MOVES TO VOTE

89% of Roundtable voted Yes

0% of Roundtable voted No

11% of Roundtable voted for Revisit in future meeting (DELAYED)

Takeaway - Proposal will move to on-chain vote with added requirement of management council being able to approve UP TO $200k but can manage in smaller tranches. ApeBond is still providing case study details and is working closely with the management council to find optimal allocation/strategy.

This proposal moves to on-chain voting on 06/12/24 and is now live at the link below.


100% of Roundtable voted yes to modifying the K9 Facebook Group Proposal

0% of Roundtable voted no to passing the K9 Facebook Group Proposal

Takeaway - This proposal received support but was identified as too tactical, and should be included as part of the primary marketing budget, along with other new marketing activities the management council has identified.


This proposal would require development resources and does not currently outline a request/requirement/scope for development. More detail is required. Roundtable sentiment was that new development proposals should be timed for after product launch.

4. Proposal 4 – Increase Taxes - DISCUSSED

The Roundtable is against changes in tax structure given that a tax proposal was already voted on recently. Sentiment will change after KNINE is deployed on Shibarium to account for more in-depth analysis.

5. Blacklist Arb Bot - DISCUSSED

Roundtable unanimously agreed blacklist functions should only be used in case of emergency and not as a tactical decision to potentially have a positive impact on price. Too many unknown variables of how this could impact the market.

*Note, sentiment has shifted dramatically in the last month on this forum topic. New exchanges being live seems to offset some impact of the arb bot, and in some cases we’ve seen the arb bot buying. Last comment on proposal 12 days ago as of the Roundtable call.


  • Potentially stop the bot from selling***


  • Bot could re-enter
  • Sets precedent
  • Deters bots in general, which are market participants for the product
  • Black eye put on KNINE for the DAO being authoritative
  • The bot is not the one who is actually selling, it is buying tokens that holders own and are selling on the CEX. If this bot is not buying them, then there is less liquidity on CEX purchasing sold tokens, and sellers may look elsewhere