**Promotional Tour for K9 Finance on the Southern Norwegian Coast**


Seeking full funding for a two-month interactive promotional tour in Southern Norway to enhance K9 Finance’s visibility and educate the public on cryptocurrency, supplemented by Tangem Cards and a daily vlog to document the journey.


To fully engage with tourists and locals through direct interactions, using Tangem cards to facilitate discussions about crypto and K9 Finance, and digital channels to maximize outreach and engagement, providing an informative and transparent view of the promotional activities through daily vlogging.


The combination of live interactions and daily vlogs will provide a comprehensive platform for education and engagement, attracting both local participants and a global online audience.


  • Tour Dates: July to August.
  • Locations: Coastal cities frequented by affluent tourists.
  • Key Activities:
    • Distribution and discussion of Tangem cards.
    • Daily vlogging on YouTube to document interactions and insights, enhancing digital footprint and engagement.


  • Total Estimated Cost: $14,000
    • Tangem Cards: $8,500
    • Promotional Materials and Activities: $5,500
  • This budget does not include travel, living expenses, and food. I will also be away for 2 months from my regular job where I work daily.
    • By selling the Tangem cards, I will either go into deficit, break even, or make a profit. And this risk will be all on me.


  • Broadened reach through combined physical and digital presence.
  • Increased visibility and interest in K9 Finance and cryptocurrency in general.
  • Maximizing physical engagement to educate the public on the practical uses and security of cryptocurrencies.


  • Concepts for the promotional stand and vehicle, along with daily vlog outlines.

Community Engagement:

  • Real-time feedback and interaction through comments on daily vlogs.
  • Community-driven content suggestions and Q&A sessions.

Last Note:

  • This is not just marketing for people outside but also for those within the community, to perhaps inspire them to engage in some real-life marketing.
    • I gladly welcome tips and suggestions. And I won’t be too offended if you say this proposal is terrible—just tell me to get lost… XD

Can’t believe nobody has chimed in here yet; let me be the first.

I love this idea! In fact, I had wanted to do something like this myself and post it on youtube for daily updates and location posts etc.

Having a community project like this, where community members can come and respectively and genuinely ask for help to promote the project is sorely missed in this space and I think this is a shining example of REAL, day to day cypto use case.

  1. It gets the K9 name and logo in peoples minds and eyes
  2. It allows community members who want to take initiative to do just that, and encourages others to do the same.

If every member did something like this we would see this small ask (investment) returned 100x.

I’m all for it. Here here!


I don’t believe we would want anyone to take off work for 2 months
You’re expecting to make a living income selling Tangem cards to tourists. Most tourists are traveling on a budget and they may or
At not want to be disturbed with sales pitches when on vacation. Not a good sale platform in my opinion
I think the same encounters could be had locally with the same digital interaction using basic printed hand outs.
Recommend doing sampling with local interaction and posting the interaction on your social media platforms.

This would be a negative for me. I believe this money would be better spent adding it to the current advertising budget.


Thank you for engaging with my proposal and for sharing your thoughts! Let me address the concerns raised:

1. Self-Employment and Work Flexibility

  • As a self-employed individual, I have the flexibility to schedule this promotional tour without the risk of starving to death, i will lose income, but I will survive 2 months w/o any problem.

2. Target Audience Insight

  • The primary audience for this promotional tour isn’t the typical budget-conscious tourist. Instead, I aim to connect with more affluent travelers, those who frequent the Norwegian coast during the peak of Norway’s official three-week summer holiday. During this period, residents receive a payout from an 11% holiday tax accumulated over the year, which significantly increases discretionary spending. My personal experience as a sailor provides me with unique insights and connections in this community, potentially increasing the effectiveness of the outreach.

3. Incorporating Traditional Marketing with a Modern Twist

  • While the focus is on direct interactions through Tangem cards, traditional printed handouts will also play a crucial role in our strategy. These materials will serve to introduce cryptocurrency concepts in a tangible way, making them less intimidating and more accessible to everyday people. The goal is to demystify crypto by providing clear, concise information in a familiar format, bridging the gap between digital finance and the “normal” guy on the street.

4. Physical Engagement’s Role in Crypto Adoption

  • Bringing cryptocurrency discussions into the real world is crucial for broader adoption. Engaging with people face-to-face allows for immediate feedback and personal interactions that digital platforms cannot fully replicate. This tour aims to humanize K9 Finance and the broader crypto world, fostering trust and understanding through real-life connections and discussions.
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Maybe the approach should be in selling something K9 related instead of Tangem cards, or attaching them to something for their kids.

If we had more time we could find out what festivities are happening around the towns and sponsor an event, whilst selling plushies, or something similar. This typically only works if the item can capture the attention of the children. Add the tangem card loaded with the equivalent of 25 USDC of K9 on them as a “peace offering” of sorts.

But that’s just my take/insight on it. Buy the kid a plushy they like and in return they have an investment into K9.

I’m not turning this proposal down, just trying to see how much more effective it could be at getting at least more than a few interested in K9.

Sponsoring even a small event like a barbeque cook off is a good place to start. We just do not have time to produce the plushies.

Maybe not a plushie, it could also be the stickers we have. But we need to capture the attention of the younger siblings for it to be effective.

Y’see, children on vacation want something to do. Parents also do not like wasting their money on things that do not bring about joy.

So for the stand, maybe the gimmick should be a game for the children to play; but the parents paying for a round get their transactions put onto the tangem cards. That way so they at least have something in return for playing the game and allowing their children to at least smile for a few minutes. It could be any number of carnival games with small prizes. But make them easier to win.

The only other idea I have, that doesn’t try to target the children to help bring awareness to K9, is well… food stand. But that means cooking, cleaning… other things.

Walking around, handing out pamphlets, selling investments just doesn’t sound like a fun time to me. Giving them something in return is much better. And K9 is rather cheap at the moment so loading them up with 25 USDC of K9 for a target of 2025? is easy to calculate.

1. Experience and Audience Insight

  • My background includes working with mobile stands and interviewing tourists for Statistics Norway, which has equipped me with a nuanced understanding of how to engage effectively with this audience. My familiarity with the dynamics at play during the peak tourist season in Norway gives me a unique advantage in tailoring our interactions to suit the needs and interests of affluent travelers.

2. Strategic Timing with Q3 Launch

  • The timing of the tour coincides perfectly with K9 Finance’s Q3 launch. This synchronicity is crucial as it allows us to leverage the launch buzz and maximize the impact of our promotional efforts. It’s a strategic window that we aim to capitalize on to boost visibility and engagement right when potential users are most receptive.

3. Focus on Crypto-Savvy Audience

  • The choice of Tangem cards is deliberate and central to the strategy. These cards appeal particularly to those already familiar with cryptocurrency, providing a tangible and innovative way to interact with our platform. The tour is designed to resonate with an audience that is not only knowledgeable about crypto but also values the convenience and security that Tangem cards offer.

4. Appropriateness of Targeting Children

  • While engaging children through games and toys might draw families, it’s crucial to remember that our core product, crypto investments, is not suitable for children. It’s too early and not appropriate to target minors with branded toys as part of our crypto promotional activities. Our focus is on educating and engaging adults who can make informed decisions about their financial investments.

5. Tangem Cards as a Key Engagement Tool

  • Tangem cards are not just promotional items; they are a fundamental part of our strategy to bridge the gap between physical and digital crypto interactions. These cards will allow us to provide a hands-on experience with K9 Finance directly to those already versed in the crypto landscape, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of what we offer.
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I think you would have better luck walking the crowd at the upcoming ETH Toronto Conference if you want to help out and manning the booth.


Maybe I’m overestimating it, but I suspect the ETH Toronto crowd might be more crypto-savvy than I am, and since my English isn’t fluent, I’m not sure how much I could contribute there. My idea here is to spread the word in familiar waters where I know the ropes and can effectively communicate.
But if the community want me over there, I think that could be interesting… :slight_smile:

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I agree with “MrLighspeed” as his suggested route will save both time and money, which is of value to everyone. The upcoming ETH Toronto Conference would be the best idea for us to promote! This will still allow us to spread awareness of K9 Finance.

I would also like to add, being able to provide an Incentivize participation will result in a greater need for adoption, as people by nature are more engaged when there’s incentives behind it.

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I will fold in favor of your endeavors in Norway for I am American, but I must defend that I was not targeting children to invest into K9, no. That is not the intention behind the suggestion. I am sorry you may have assumed that notion; As instead it makes it an avenue, or talking piece, when conversing to have the investor think of their action today making it easier for them (the children.)

K9’s goal is to help lessen the transaction costs on Shibarium: A DEX. It runs on Etherium.

We all have yet to unfold the future to see which DEX, or Web3 dApp, “takes the cake” so to speak. The go to for all transactions. While BTC is considered a commodity, Shib is a security. And has become a blue chip token.

In summation my suggestion is a psychological approach.

Proposal reviewed at Roundtable of Dogs on 5/10/24

6. Norwegian Coast Tangem Cruise - PROPOSAL DID NOT PASS

0% of Roundtable voted yes to the Norwegian Cruise proposal
100% of Roundtable voted no to the Norwegian Cruise proposal

Takeaway - The Roundtable discussed concern with travel promotion, whether the proper target audience was being hit, and the need in proposals like this to have clear KPIs and deliverables that will be received by the DAO. In order to evaluate proposals like this there would need to be a very clear budget, deliverables, and timeline. The Roundtable felt that while it is great to see community members taking a leap of faith to submit these proposals, that it needed more detail to be considered as a viable proposal for the DAO.

This proposal thread is being locked for now as it’s too tactical and Roundtable suggests reworking into a more comprehensive guerrilla marketing strategy with additional options/clear path to KPIs.