Proposal: Blacklist of Arb Bot

I don’t see allot of concern amongst the team… Have seen allot of different options as well . I really think allot of emotion came into play when the bot issue first arrose. Decisions based on emotion are not usually the best ones. I feel like my emotions played a roll in my first reaction to this proposal. So I’m rethinking my stance…


Can’t deny that there is a bit of psychology behind this. Good discussion.


I support the idea of banning/blacklist the ARB bot.
It’s impossible to reach a MC higher than 0.0003 if the money volume on MEXC remains at 0.00029, the bot won’t stop :stop_sign:
It will always drain the funds from new buys that exceed 0.00031 on the chart.


After reading comments here and on Telegram, listening about arbitrage on VCs, I’m decreasing my inital emotional response to neutral.

Does 8404 annoy me every time I look at the chart? Absolutely, but it’s just doing what it was programmed to do.

I now think the real problem is MEXC investors selling for a lower price than Uniswap. If their prices matched, then there would be nothing to arbitrage.

We’d be seeing nothing but buys from 8404 on Uniswap if the roles were reversed.

If my understanding is correct, ultimately, we need parity between all Dex and Cex to keep the bots away. So my questions are now:

How do we find that equilibrium? Is it a liquidity thing? How do we add/remove to keep the prices matching? How do we get MEXC users to stop selling for a lower price? Why are they to begin with?

What I keep hearing is once staking is live (Q3), this will all kind of disappear. The more Cex we’re on will help as well. The majority of the team hasn’t voiced concern and Buzz seems very professional and neutral toward it.

It is up to us as the DAO to vote what we think is best. Unless some major concerns are introduced before the vote, mine has changed to not blacklisting.


I’m neutral…. know my vote isn’t popular but after seeing this the last bull run, every time this was an issue with a project they decided not to block because it could lead to more aggressive bots if we remove this one.


MEXC I do not trust even the slightest. Investigating their background has lead me to believe this is nothing more than a funnel for transactions to different countries, ones that should not be executed. They do have ties to unwanted parties. I agree to push forth the ban.

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Has nothing to do with MEXC.

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I support this proposal. :+1:

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Instead of considering blacklisting would it be possible to update the solidity code to look at the average price difference on the cex’s compared to Uniswap and have a dynamic tax greater than or equal to our default tax structure? May not be possible, but thought I would throw the idea out there.

Solutions like that mean relaunching the token unfortunately.

I did not realize that, thank you.


I’m sick of this Arb bot, he’s single handedly destroying price.



Is there a way to split or fork it? Or maybe even add a redesign? I’m just exploring options, not forcing anything.

Tbh, this arbitrage bot isn’t hurting us that much that we need to take any serious and time-consuming action. The impact of the bot is only temporary, and it’s very visible due to K9’s “live” date; we are only a couple of months old. When higher volume and MC increase, it will barely be visible, and we won’t ever give it much of a thought again.

If we do something, it should be banning it, and that should be done asap, imo. But there are “risks” to that, but hey, all for science, right? For myself, I’d love to see how this would turn out.

But as people have mentioned, the bot can only buy if people sell. Also, it sells on Uniswap, which means more money to the treasury.

So again, imo, the bot isn’t that bad, just very visible.


I have lost sleep over this the past few weeks while I do more research on the matter. In the end I dont really think there is anything we can do about it. As we grow it will be less of an impact. Sure it probably is contributing to the stagnation of the price but it’s also a great contribution to the volume. We are currently landing some pretty great exchanges that may otherwise not consider us with much lower volume.

I am starting to lean in the other direction now. Let’s all be honest here… The bots are not going anywhere and they will just get better every day. I am starting to think that maybe if we shoot the blacklist down, it may even help marketing in the end. Maybe the headline reading “K9 DAO members shoot down blacklist feature”… Rather than “K9 implements blacklist on arb bot” is a better move.

The driving factore for crypto has and always will be decentralization. By implementing and using blacklist features, we get further away from it and more towards being centralized. I believe that we need to remain as decentralized as possible to sustain growth in the upcoming years.

I do still support the proposal on a vote but just want everyone to consider all options and dont let current price action dictate the evolution of $Knine.

Therefore, I no longer support banning the bot and believe it is in our best interest as a community to let it do its thing. Once we have more buy pressure from new listings, we will be able to judge better. Until then its definitely a great way to pickup k9 at a discounted rate.

This is not financial advice and is meant for entertainment purposes only. Always DYOR! Woof!


I’m agreeing with not black listing the bot… With a lot of deliberation…Another positive note is the sales are coming to uniswap with a 3% tax. It’s been mentioned 5 to 10k per day in sales that’s around $210 a day to the treasury…


I guess I am going to say “Never say never.”

We can beat the bot. We just have the operate outside of the code to defeat it.

Can we compare what the bot is doing now versus what it was doing during the first rally?

IDK if it’s a coincidence, but after the last two listings, there are way fewer sales from the arb bot on Uniswap. As I mentioned earlier, one reason I want to ban the bot now is to see what happens. But honestly, K9 is too great of a project to mess with. Maybe it’s better to keep our hands clean and leave the bot alone…

I have two wallets I can vote with, so I might just end up voting both yes and no! :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:


I support this proposal.

when can we vote on this?