My YouTube Channel: SeizanShib - Exploring K9 Finance and the Shiba Inu Ecosystem!

Hello K9 Finance Community! :heart_on_fire: :heart_on_fire: :heart_on_fire:

I’m excited to share with you my YouTube channel, SeizanShib, where I delve into the fascinating world of K9 Finance, Shibarium, and the Shiba Inu ecosystem!

Channel Link: SeizanShib

What You Can Expect:

:mag: In-Depth Analysis: Detailed breakdowns of the K9 Finance platform, including liquid staking, $knBONE, $KNINE tokenomics, and their symbiosis with Shibarium and the Shib Ecosystem.

:mortar_board: Educational Content: Tutorials and guides to help people understand and navigate through the K9 Finance project, Shiba Inu ecosystem, Shibarium blockchain, and the broader DeFi space.

:newspaper: Latest Updates: Regular updates on the latest developments, news, and innovations within K9 Finance and the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

:bulb: Community Insights: Discussions on governance, DAO participation, and how you can get involved in shaping the future of our decentralized community.

My Approach:

My goal is to provide clear, factual information to spread awareness and prevent misunderstandings about K9 Finance. I’m not the hype-energy-YouTube kind of guy; instead, I focus on breaking down information and presenting it in a straightforward manner to help more people understand and get to know K9 Finance.

Recent Videos:

  1. [ Understanding $KNINE Token Distribution in K9 Finance | Shibarium DeFi] Understanding $KNINE Token Distribution in K9 Finance | Shibarium DeFi

  2. [ K9 Finance Liquid staking on Shibarium!]
    K9 Finance Liquid staking on Shibarium!

  3. [ Boosting Shibarium: The Impact of K9 Finance on Blockchain Growth]
    Boosting Shibarium: The Impact of K9 Finance on Blockchain Growth

Seeking Your Feedback:

As I’m relatively new to video creation and editing, I’m continuously learning and improving with every video I make. Your feedback is invaluable in this process. To get your input and make necessary adjustments, I will be posting my new videos here on the forum for 24 hours before their public release on YouTube.

How You Can Help:

  • Watch and Review: Please watch my videos and share your feedback on what you liked and what could be improved.
  • Suggestions: Feel free to suggest topics you’d like me to cover or improvements in video quality, presentation, or content.
  • Engage: Like and comment on the videos if you find them helpful, and share them with fellow community members.

My Journey:

This is a new adventure for me. Although I have some experience streaming from my gaming days, video editing is quite new, and I’m learning as I go. I’m even considering remaking some of my first videos based on the feedback I’ve received and the skills I’ve gained.

I’m looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. Let’s grow and learn together as we explore the exciting world of K9 Finance and the Shiba Inu ecosystem!

Thank you for your support!

Much love from SeizanShib /cheers <3


Taking this spot for later use :wink:

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Thinking of puting this out, that ok? Really loved Maz’s reacting <3
So before I make this public I want to be sure if:
-ok by the team that i claim it will start around Q4.
-ok by Maz that i doxx his excitement voice.
now approved by Maz <3

New version of it:
The $KNINE Airdrop from K9 Finance 1.5

The $KNINE Airdrop, edit 2.0 as a short


Anyone know how to Vote? On the dao

Sezian is a valuable part of our community…His work is very appreciated… The fact that he wants the team’s review is great and necessary…


Hwjigs You have 5: days to vote after vote goes live on snap shot… The next vote will happen around the 11th of June… It will be discussed regularly in the telegram channel


Thanks for the feedback
You also answered me in the telegram. :pray:

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Plz keep on topic of the posts, ty :slight_smile:

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keep up the good work. Also your post formatting is beautiful


Yeah seizan, the tirelessly Knine army
I will follow you on x and repost all your tweets.


I really enjoy your straight forward, easily to digest updates… I’ve joined