K9 Marketing with Trending TG (Telegram Groups) and other!

Well every one know we have very experienced team with great project and successful strategic partner(S), However i feel like we are lacking Meme Community.

  1. Every week we can conduct a VOTE FOR MEME in our official Youtube Channel we welcome everyone vote, for highest votes meme we can reward with $10 and 2nd $5 of KNINE tokens, so that we can engage other community.

  2. Participating in ETH TRENDING TG Channels. (I don’t have complete knowledge on how to enroll) if any one knows please comment.

  3. All Top Meme coins are succesfull with Marketing, for this we can advertise on Timeaquare boards which cost us like 15 sec video operated by American company TSX Entertainment, costs about $40. so that we have some material to fwd/promote in other communities.

Thank you evryone for giving a chance to express my ideas!


I like the buzz that K9 is generating. This platform for making transaction fee’s smaller through liquidity is proving to be something of moderate interest to the market in whole.

As a side thought, I do wonder what Shibarium is doing to generate buzz within its own ecosystem.

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We do have our marketing telegram channel that’s specifically for this.

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Its Not about our regular TG channel, there is a ETH trending channel promote our crypto.

Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 9.39.08 PM
Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 9.39.33 PM

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Did not meet criteria for Roundtable of Dogs review. This proposal is too tactical and can be handled by the existing approved marketing budget should the management council deem that the cost associated and the expected benefit supports the KPIs for the marketing objectives.

This proposal is being locked and moving forward the Roundtable suggests a more comprehensive/less tactical proposal is put forth.