K9 Finance Guerrilla Art Advertising

As most of us knows, Buzz has put out a challenge that is pure genius. Utilizing stickers in the form of advertisements. This is very smart for marketing for 2 reasons.

  1. Stickers are generally inexpensive and can cover a wider range than a billboard, let alone can be in your face while seeing the reason why it could be considered acceptable as a solution.
  2. It’s already been done before (Though I won’t go into too much detail on these origins or you’ll be here all day reading into a rabbit hole)

    Link to Post

So in this case while utilizing both artwork and psychology we can do this in a targeted fashion to certain demographics in order to be a solution while being cost effective.

there are 3 different classes as seen below and they each hold different spending habits and behaviors.
3 different Income Statements per class
What do they all have in common regardless of Income?
Basic human needs.
Gas and Groceries. That obviously means that Gas Stations and Grocery Stores are to be the top priority of this advertisement campaign.

In observing the original gas pump sticker design and how it took off it was absolutely fantastic, It made news around the world, The road is already paved and it’s fair game at this point.

Gas is expensive and a precious resource today, So instead of Joe Biden pointing at the fuel price saying he did that (Which was created as a form of accountability) We utilize the same Idea to bring forward a solution. I have made such a prototype down below that can be used at both Gas stations and Grocery Stores.

Of course there are other designs such as the k9 budget sticker that’s more geared towards grocery stores. The rising cost of food is also becoming a bit much for the poor and middle class so it’s best to come to the rescue of the struggling working class.

And there are catchy ones as well, Nobody is gonna throw you a bone but yourself, K9 is surely here to help you find a bone to throw yourself.

Of course, In the United States July 4th is a big Holiday celebrating the Independence of the Nation. Very patriotic.

All of these above are dye cut stickers. They do well as long as they are the eggshell type of stickers, vinyl stickers come off too easily and would have to be replaced often.

The sticker below is a bumper sticker that is intended to be a vinyl sticker. It has a QR Code that leads to K9Finance.com and is intended to target the minds of those locked in unbearable auto loans with predatory terms.

(Note: The wording on the design was zoomed in so it stays within the safe zone during printing process)

In conclusion. I view this project as a way to help the poor and middle class find financial solutions. Of course I’m not giving out financial advice. I simply see the potential of how far the sticker ads will go as long as local and federal laws are followed.

Buzz has specifically said he wants these to go to a vote within the DAO because this is simply a community choice. I personally don’t want my hands in the marketing budget and I don’t have a printer for stickers so the budget being sent to me would do no good for myself and the community. It’s truly up to the DAO community if they want to take this approach or not.

The designs are in Buzz’s dms. They are gifts from me to the community. Feel free to design some stickers with some of these concepts in mind

Egg Shell Stickers

Vista Print Bumper Stickers

Sticker Mule

Tools and Media Kit:
K9 Finance Media Kit

PixelLab for Android Devices

PixelLab for Apple Devices

Background Eraser for Android Devices

Background Remover for Apple Devices



Do we have any kind of cost estimate yet?


Depends on the manufacturer. Some are over priced and some are fair.

But also remember…
Smaller = cheaper but could be harder to read.
Bigger = more expensive but easier to see.

I’m just a designer and an idea guy


I must interject;

The bumper sticker CANNOT say, advertise, or otherwise imply: “this car is 100% paid off by” at all.

This bumper sticker will only bring about unwanted attention from trolls and the media. This is not a good choice of words for advertising. Dangling a carrot this radioactive in front of consumers will enrage and encourage others in distaste.

Instead those words should be switched out for: “I paid off this car early with” This is more believable and sits well with the public. There’s being a troll (100%), and there’s being an unpleasant rich kid (paid off early). which would you rather be?

Please head this warning. We could face false advertising charges if we officially launch such a sticker.


On the other side I see no harm in making these stickers something we could sell on the shibarium network. I just wish Shibarium would accept their own tokens to pay for the stickers to both be printed and shipped to customers. I would buy one. They look cool. Even if the stickers didn’t have any writing on them.


Thats actually a great point. I didn’t think about that. Ill scrap and recreate tonight.

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Thank you Ryan, your imput is really appreciated. Im glad you raised this point.


I like the sticker idea! I think it would be wise to remove any reference to income, explicit or implied so maybe rethink the wording on some of these. Cute dogs!


Which ones?
(I dont have less than the 20 character limit)

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Better? :sunglasses:


Much better.

Implying that the car was paid off early because of an investment made in k9 does not mean capital was used to pay off the car entirely. Paying off your car even 1 day earlier is still technically paying off the car early. Leaving the interpretation up for debate instead of metaphorically defining an amount is psychologically sound. We do not want to attract too much negative energy behind this coin.


It also feels better saying it too. That’s an important difference