I would like you to make a staking platform for PREME TOKEN 18% for 1 year

We at PREME would like to become a staking partner and drive people to your platform to stake.

we would like to do a 1 year staking at 18%.

I would assume this is possible as you just did this for SHIB.

we have 2 staking pools already.

3 0x41B70b5A…2E6196A77 45,522,170.999999999886 15.4318% $699,871.37
4 0x0F66e445…7068C05b7 12,121,385.629724041666625536 4.1091% $186,357.78

You can see my folks are loyal! …

Thank You


Should this proposal go thru the website…

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Looking forward to see PREME on #Shibarium

Again, I believe this should be negotiated and repurposed from the K9 team and Dog round table.