First Snapshot Test Vote

The purpose of this test vote is to gather data on the activity of voters in the K9 community to set a proper quorum structure. The typical guidelines for a proposal (found below) are being bypassed and a simple test vote is being proposed.

Is your favorite animal a dog?

1 - Yes

2 - No

The community is welcome to discuss their favorite animals and reasonings in this thread. :saluting_face:

(1) Introduction and Objective

Start your proposal with a brief overview of the identified problem or opportunity. Clearly state your proposal’s objective and its alignment with K9 Finance DAO’s goals. Keep it concise and direct, communicating precisely what you’re proposing.

(2) Benefits to K9 Finance Community

Clearly outline the advantages that the K9 Finance community will gain, such as ecosystem growth, technological advancements, and other relevant benefits.

(3) Proposal Details

(a) WHAT: Outline the solution or strategy proposed to address the identified problem or opportunity. Explain the key features or components of the proposal.

(b) WHO: Identify all stakeholders impacted by the proposal, including those who need to be involved in its implementation. This may include partners, the management council, or any other relevant parties.

(c) WHERE: Specify the locations or platforms where the proposal will be implemented or have an impact. This could include specific regions, online platforms, or other relevant locations.

(d) WHEN: Provide details on any special deadlines or timelines associated with the proposal. Outline the expected schedule for implementation, including milestones or key dates.(e) HOW: Specify any resources needed, such as funding, technical support, or additional community involvement. Describe the specific steps or actions required to execute the proposal.

(4) Impact Assessment

Evaluate the potential impact of your proposal on the K9 Finance DAO ecosystem. Consider both short-term and long-term effects, as well as any risks or uncertainties. Include key metrics that might be relevant.

Notes for Encouraging Engagement and Clarity

References and Additional Resources

Include links to any references, data sources, or additional materials that can help community members better understand your proposal.

Use of Visuals and Diagrams

Where possible, use visuals, charts, or diagrams to make complex information easier to understand.

Simplicity and Clarity

Write in clear, concise language. Avoid jargon or technical terms that might not be widely understood by the entire community.

Encourage Participation

End your proposal with a call to action, encouraging community members to engage, discuss, and contribute to refining the proposal.

Request for Feedback

Invite the community to provide feedback. Encourage constructive criticism, questions, and suggestions for improvement. Be open to revising your proposal based on community input.


Snapshot i thought this was the first snapshot