ETH Toronto Hackathon Sponsorship Bounty

(1) Introduction and Objective

The K9 Finance DAO is pleased to announce its Gold Sponsorship for the Futurist/ETH Toronto conference. As part of this sponsorship, we have the opportunity to sponsor the hackathon event with specific bounties and targets. This proposal outlines a $10,000 bounty prize pool (in KNINE) to incentivize innovative projects and tools that support the Shibarium ecosystem. The hackathon will last for one month and will be hosted online through the DoraHacks platform.

(2) Benefits to K9 Finance Community

This proposal offers several advantages to the K9 Finance community:

  • Ecosystem Growth: Encouraging developers to build on Shibarium will enhance the ecosystem’s capabilities and offerings.

  • Innovation: The bounties are designed to foster creativity and technological advancements that benefit the K9 Finance DAO and the broader Shibarium community.

  • Community Engagement: Participating in the hackathon increases the visibility and reputation of K9 Finance DAO within the DeFi and blockchain communities.

(3) Proposal Details

(a) WHAT

The proposal is to allocate $10,000 in KNINE tokens for the hackathon bounty program, divided as follows:

Bounty Prize Amount(s):

  • 1st - $5000

  • 2nd - $2500

  • 3rd - $1250

  • Best learning tool - $500

  • Best analytics tool - $500

  • Best dog themed branding - $250

  • Bounties will only be paid if the targets are met, and it is common for only partial bounties to be paid out, meaning it is likely the DAO will not allocate the full $10,000 in prizes.

  • *NOTE - Bounty targets (not prizes) are subject to change between now and the hackathon going live. Management council is currently in conversation with ETH Toronto organizers, Shib team, and developers.


  1. Launch Platform for New Shibarium Projects
  2. Analytics Dashboard for Shibarium
  3. Shibarium Validator Tracking Dashboard
  4. Educational Liquid Staking Onboarding Product
  5. Interactive Quest/Educational Reward Platform

Judging Criteria:

  • Functional prototype highlighting outlined solution
  • Impact on Shibarium
  • Percentage completion
  • Alignment with bounty target
  • Innovation / creativity
  • Sustainability / long term viability
  • Presentation and pitch


  • Work must be deployed on or connected to Shibarium
  • Bonus points for integrating $KNINE/$knBONE
  • Additional bonus points if project has potential to generate revenue for K9 Finance DAO
  • Solidity Version must be version Paris or below
  • Source code must be published to a Github repository with MIT license

(b) WHO

The stakeholders impacted by this proposal include:

  • K9 Finance DAO Members: All KNINE holders will benefit from the technological advancements and increased ecosystem activity.

  • Development Teams: Participants in the hackathon who will be incentivized to build on the Shibarium network.

  • Management Council: Overseeing the implementation and ensuring alignment with DAO goals.


The implementation will occur through:

  • DoraHacks Platform: Hosting the hackathon online/remotely, allowing global participation.

(d) WHEN

The proposed timeline for the project is as follows:

  • Approval: Next Roundtable meeting.

  • Hackathon Duration: One month.

  • Implementation: Bounties to be paid within one month of hackathon completion, contingent on target achievement.

(e) HOW

The resources required for this proposal include:

  • Funding: $10,000 in KNINE tokens allocated for the bounty program.

  • Technical Support: Coordination with the DoraHacks platform to manage the hackathon and ensure proper distribution of bounties.

  • Community Involvement: Feedback and participation from the community to refine the bounty targets and ensure alignment with broader goals.

(4) Impact Assessment

The potential impact of this proposal on the K9 Finance DAO ecosystem is significant:

  • Short-Term: Increased developer engagement and project submissions, leading to potential new tools and platforms for Shibarium.

  • Long-Term: Enhanced ecosystem growth and technological advancements, positioning K9 Finance DAO as a leader in DeFi innovation.

  • Risks and Uncertainties: Potential for not all bounties to be fully claimed, ensuring funds are efficiently used and only for successful project completions.

  • Metrics for success include the number of participants, quality of submitted projects, and overall community feedback on the implemented tools. Regular performance reports will be provided to the DAO to track progress and impact.

The K9 Finance DAO Management Council is excited to propose this bounty program as part of our Gold Sponsorship at the Futurist/ETH Toronto conference, driving innovation and engagement within the Shibarium ecosystem. Hackathon targets have been identified to build products that are not only going to further $KNINE adoption but Shibarium as a whole.


[reserved for future comment]


Yes :+1: :heart_on_fire: It’s a fantastic opportunity for K9 Finance DAO to foster innovation, enhance the Shibarium ecosystem, and engage with the community. The proposed bounties will surely attract talented developers and lead to valuable advancements. Let’s move K9 forward, and keep on moving, initiatives like this helps us with that!


Being in IT for over a decade, I can say that hackathons are a great networking opportunity and really get the juices flowing to brainstorm new ideas and innovations for a project/product/company.

I would like the funds for this to come from the Developer/Engineering bucket though instead of a separate $10K funding. This isn’t really a marketing ploy and is focused on bug bounties and development, so it makes sense to me to come from that bucket. This will ensure we aren’t removing an additional $10K out of the treasury and instead the engineering team takes the understanding and support to ask for a hackathon while putting their money where their heart is.


Another great opportunity. Anything that has the potential to further k9 and my bag along the process, I’m all for.


A great proposal… Visibility and collaboration will further advance the future of K9 …


Another cool proposal for devs out there. Giod luck


Well thought-out proposal.

I have a question:

Are the resources created during the hackathon going to pass to K9 in the end or are teams that design them will be the ones running them going into the future?

If latter is the case - how do we guarantee that these resources will stay available to the community and those devs don’t simply collect the prizes, pack up and leave?


No one has a good question… And the round table is full of great minds to prevent that. Can’t wait to see the proposal when it comes to a vote


I love the forum and how it brings out all the thoughts and input for the community and leadership to see


Can’t think of a better way to drum up some attention and advertising. Let’s do it!


It will be good investment for great marketing. Lets get on it!


I approve this message(proposal)


I support this in order for future growth. :seedling:


Great question! Part of the criteria is all submissions must be put on GitHub with MIT license. This means if something useful were developed and the original developer didn’t want to continue it, the K9 Finance DAO or another developer in Shibarium could pick up wherever the project leaves off.

All projects submitted also have an opportunity to receive long term support of the DAO based on their usefulness to Shibarium and potential positive impact for $KNINE holders and the DAO as a whole.

The original post is now updated with more details. :saluting_face:


Proposal passed the Roundtable and is live for on-chain voting.


Another great proposal of K9, I voted YES!


I’m in support of this effort. A very well thought out plan.