Emergency Voting Criteria

Due to the nature of some items, they may not be able to wait for the next roundtable meeting.
I want everyone to discuss some options on what the criteria could be in order to trigger the need for an emergency meeting. My ideas are below -

Is or could something related significantly impacting the chart?
Is there a deadline?
Are community members being directly impacted in a negative way?
Is the team being impacted in a negative way?
If yes to more than 2 of the above an emergency meeting may be necessary.


Where are the comments… We need em!!

What is an emergency?

Per Buzz in TG:

"Emergency Governance Process: In emergency cases where critical vulnerabilities require immediate action, the proposal can bypass the forum and proceed to a 24-hour vote on Snapshot.

^ stopping a free market arb bot doesn’t meet this criteria in the DAO Constitution in my opinion, which isn’t the only opinion in a DAO

Key verbiage being that there is a critical vulnerability. A bot trading a token to me is not critical"

This comment is specific to the arbitrage bot, but the process is already set.

This is a free market, so as long as there are no vulnerabilities to the product or contract, then I think we’re where we should be on this process.

What is in question is: who defines “vulnerability”?

I think as a DAO, we need a specific definition with concrete examples in order to vote something as critical, worthy of an emergency.