About the Development category

Forum for proposing and discussing DAO development projects. Share ideas, collaborate on proposals, and refine technical suggestions.

This Development category is tailored specifically for members of our community who are keen on steering the technical direction of our DAO. It’s the cornerstone for those looking to propose new features, enhancements, or entirely new projects that require the collective effort and expertise of our developer community. Here’s why and how you should engage with this category:

Purpose and Use

  • Why Use This Category? It serves as the breeding ground for innovation within our DAO. If you have a technical proposal, an idea for improving our platform’s functionality, or a suggestion for a new project that aligns with our DAO’s objectives, this is where you should bring that vision to light.

  • What Is It For? This category is designed for the submission and discussion of technical proposals that require community feedback, collaboration, and ultimately, approval to move forward. It’s about making the DAO more robust, efficient, and innovative.

Distinction From Other Categories

  • Unique Focus: Unlike other categories that may focus on general governance, tokenomics, or community events, the Development category is specifically centered on the technical evolution of our DAO. It’s for detailed technical discussions, proposal submissions, and updates on ongoing development projects.

  • Technical Depth: This is the space for deep technical dives. It’s where complex proposals are unpacked, debated, and refined with a level of detail that’s not typically found in broader governance discussions.

Content Guidelines

  • What to Include: Topics here should be well-structured and include clear proposals for new features, updates to existing systems, or the introduction of new technologies to our ecosystem. Proposals should outline the problem being addressed, proposed solutions, potential challenges, and the benefits to the DAO.

  • Expectations for Discussion: Engagements should be constructive, with a focus on pushing proposals forward. Feedback should be specific, actionable, and supportive of fostering innovation. Technical details are crucial; however, make sure explanations are accessible to those who may not have a deep technical background but are still interested in contributing to the conversation.

By focusing our discussions in this category, we can ensure that technical proposals are given the attention and scrutiny they deserve, paving the way for thoughtful, community-driven development that aligns with our DAO’s goals and values.

Add some examples of Litepaper / Roadmap / Protocol adjustment etc