6 Month Operational Budget Proposal

(1) Introduction and Objective

Start your proposal with a brief overview of the identified problem or opportunity. Clearly state your proposal’s objective and its alignment with K9 Finance DAO’s goals. Keep it concise and direct, communicating precisely what you’re proposing.

The management council requires a monthly operational budget of $25,000 to execute on operational elements of K9 Finance DAO for the next 6 months. It is expected that the operational budget will decrease over time as the product comes to market. The goal of the management council right now is to execute on the intended roadmap in the litepaper and at the current stage of the project there is intensifying operational overhead to set the groundwork for product automation in the future.

(2) Benefits to K9 Finance Community

Clearly outline the advantages that the K9 Finance community will gain, such as ecosystem growth, technological advancements, and other relevant benefits.

The purpose of this proposal is to transparently define the budget for the monthly operational expenses. The benefits to the community will be in reliable human capital and software resources. This budget will be spent on active moderation, software resources, website updates, hosting, and development environments to grow the project.

(3) Proposal Details

(a) WHAT: Outline the solution or strategy proposed to address the identified problem or opportunity. Explain the key features or components of the proposal.

The operational team requests a $25,000 monthly budget in USDT for the next 6 months.

(b) WHO: Identify all stakeholders impacted by the proposal, including those who need to be involved in its implementation. This may include partners, the management council, or any other relevant parties.

Token holders all benefit from a stable operating budget being in place, allowing for execution of the K9 Finance DAO roadmap and future proposals. Other key stakeholders include moderators, staff, web developers, and etc.

(c) WHERE: Specify the locations or platforms where the proposal will be implemented or have an impact. This could include specific regions, online platforms, or other relevant locations.

This operational budget proposal allows for the management council to have reliable funding for resources working on all of the operational elements of the K9 Finance DAO. This includes website, forum, telegram, legal, hosting, general operational software, project management, account verifications, etc.

(d) WHEN: Provide details on any special deadlines or timelines associated with the proposal. Outline the expected schedule for implementation, including milestones or key dates.

The management council requests the approval of this budget by April 15th 2024 to reflect in the next calendar month.

(e) HOW: Specify any resources needed, such as funding, technical support, or additional community involvement. Describe the specific steps or actions required to execute the proposal.

Each month the K9 Finance DAO treasury wallet will provide up to $25,000 USDT budget to the K9ops.eth on chain wallet. The community will be able to monitor this spending via the blockchain.

(4) Impact Assessment

Evaluate the potential impact of your proposal on the K9 Finance DAO ecosystem. Consider both short-term and long-term effects, as well as any risks or uncertainties. Include key metrics that might be relevant.

Operational efficiency, growth, DAO operations, technical support, and reliable team members of the K9 Finance DAO to carry out daily and weekly tasks. The short-term impact is a reduction in treasury funds, and the long term impact is the successful and stable launch of the K9 Finance DAO roadmap.


Infrastructure , software , legal, project management are paramount to a continued successful project. Hardware and software speak for itself. if you disagree, go over to solana and try to execute a transaction. legal will be quite important as well. Well thought out proposal. I look forward to the vote.


I don’t see any problem with this budget. I was actually expecting a larger request. Looks like the team is trying to keep cost down and still supply a quality product.


I have no issues with this budget, but I’d also like to see the budget get bigger and better quicker.

I can understand trying to reduce expenses but, I would instead implore you to consider pushing marketing harder in order to bring in more cashflow.

I don’t know how anyone else would feel about that but the idea is to go forward, not backwards.


So something that no one has ever done and can only be done with the help of shib. But give people a allowance for the future profit shares and not in a way that helps the people only with big bags , equal and fair future rewards earned. Lets say to earn this badge you must increase your holdings each month for 6 months to qualify for first level.


Future shares reward. In making it cheaper to opperate than ETH . IT WILL FUNNEL ALOT INTO THIS BRIDGE.But we.need to make the bridge for user frendly. I tried to bridge to mars and it would not work.shiberium will lead the way in going around the ETH gas cost

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And ground zero would always fall on the day of k9 finance choice and it will always stay on the same day for everyone. So it does not matter if jo bought on the 25th and billy on the 10th. They day k9 finance chooses will be the day everyone will follow for the rewards


I feel we should be adding 20k per month in development, there is a surplus in the treasury and we should use this up


This proposal has passed the Roundtable of Dogs review and is being moved to Snapshot for on chain voting.

The official Snapshot vote is live and can be found here - Snapshot


Im not sure if you read my future tax and rewards proposal. It on another reply. But the main idea if 0% buy tax and 3.99% sell tax. And 2.66% is refunded to the selling in 2 years . 1st year theybget 1.33% tax rebate and 2nd year get 1.33% tax rebate at the later price. So this is all betting on k9 going to extremely much higher market cap. No sales under 1 million k9 will recieve rebate.this will create and buying and selling frenzy as chuming the water.Example If i sold 1 million k9 on january 1st 2024 for $1000. I would recieve apx $13.30 worth of k9 on jan 1st 2025 and $13.30 on jan 1st 2026. Also if the price of k9 double or tripple or x100 so would the tax rebate if k9 went to $10000 per million k9 the year later of the sell date they would recieve the increase included on the tax rebate . $133 would now be the tax rebate if the price went to 10k per 1 million k9. All rewards paid in k9. Minimum sale required 1 million k9bfor rebate

I concur with what another had stated: We should add more to the development budget. Coding takes a lot out of people when things do not go as originally written, causing unforeseen stress and anxiety that will linger for days, possibly months. Adding in just a bit more to this budget would be better.

But I will say we should not compromise on the Marketing Budget whatsoever; if circumstances arise.

People will heal alongside Shibarium’s problems more or so than an individual that has no knowledge of us. “What they don’t know will hurt them.” So if things get rough we should short the funding in other areas to pay for development.

With this said I do believe we should not exceed a ratio of 2:1 Development to Marketing budgets respectively.

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I vote yes, let’s empower the team.