6 Month Marketing Budget Proposal

(1) Introduction and Objective

Start your proposal with a brief overview of the identified problem or opportunity. Clearly state your proposal’s objective and its alignment with K9 Finance DAO’s goals. Keep it concise and direct, communicating precisely what you’re proposing.

The management council suggests a monthly marketing budget of $30,000 for the next 6 months to execute growth campaigns on behalf of the K9 Finance DAO. The marketing budget will be used as an overall awareness campaign with customer acquisition campaigns to grow the K9 Finance DAO.

(2) Benefits to K9 Finance Community

Clearly outline the advantages that the K9 Finance community will gain, such as ecosystem growth, technological advancements, and other relevant benefits.

The K9 Finance DAO will have new dedicated team members and agency support to execute agreed upon awareness and customer acquisition campaigns. This will translate to growth of the K9 Finance DAO community, product users, growth in DAO membership, and create awareness of liquid staking becoming available on Shibarium to the broader DeFi ecosystem.

Increasing the awareness of liquid staking coming to Shibarium via K9 Finance DAO will encourage builders to give more attention to Shib and the Shibarium ecosystem. Shibarium growth directly supports the mission of K9 Finance DAO.

(3) Proposal Details

(a) WHAT: Outline the solution or strategy proposed to address the identified problem or opportunity. Explain the key features or components of the proposal.

This proposal outlines a budget for bringing on 2-3 new dedicated full time resources that will focus on community management, media relations, press outreach, social media management, video creation, KOL campaigns, international growth, etc.

In addition to new team members, leading crypto marketing agencies are submitting RFPs based on a marketing plan outlined by the management council. This budget allows for the retention and support of up to 2 external agencies, specifically focused on strategy, press opportunities, KOL campaigns, and SEO.

(b) WHO: Identify all stakeholders impacted by the proposal, including those who need to be involved in its implementation. This may include partners, the management council, or any other relevant parties.

This proposal directly impacts all K9 Finance DAO members and token holders. The management council will be responsible for hiring new team members and integrating them into the K9 Finance DAO operational flow.

The management council is also responsible for creating RFPs and circulating those to Web3 marketing agencies identified by the council. Furthermore, ongoing operational support and implementation will come directly from all members of the management council.

(c) WHERE: Specify the locations or platforms where the proposal will be implemented or have an impact. This could include specific regions, online platforms, or other relevant locations.

This marketing proposal will impact the website, social platforms, on chain metrics, telegram communities, search engine rankings, and any other asset the K9 Finance DAO has in place to onboard and serve users.

(d) WHEN: Provide details on any special deadlines or timelines associated with the proposal. Outline the expected schedule for implementation, including milestones or key dates.

The management council requests the approval of this budget by April 15th 2024 to reflect in the next calendar month.

(e) HOW: Specify any resources needed, such as funding, technical support, or additional community involvement. Describe the specific steps or actions required to execute the proposal.

Each month the K9 Finance DAO treasury wallet will provide the $30,000 USDT budget to the relevant team members and marketing agency/partners. The community will be able to monitor this spending via the blockchain.

(4) Impact Assessment

Evaluate the potential impact of your proposal on the K9 Finance DAO ecosystem. Consider both short-term and long-term effects, as well as any risks or uncertainties. Include key metrics that might be relevant.

Sufficient marketing ensures the ongoing brand and DAO membership (KNINE holders) growth which are critical to the success and governance of the K9 Finance DAO. Short term effects are likely to include a burst of new media coverage, video content, social content, website updates, product development news, KOL coverage, etc.

We expect this proposed budget will allow the growth of all key metrics mentioned in this proposal. In the long term, having a strong marketing presence will bring attention to Shibarium and K9 Finance DAO will be seen as a leader in doing so.


I dont know about in 6 months but hopefully you’re open to this idea for new years :sunglasses: :point_down:


Personally think that sounds like a small budget for advertising.
I personally would like to see a larger advertising budget for 30 days before full function activation. I have to ask is this small budget do to low tax funding.


lol I like how you think. Thats like 20 million dollars for 10 sec. Not sure if we have that kind of budget.


Hey man, i just throw out ideas and if they dont land because it seems too far away then it’s understandable.

But maybe a better question is how can we afford it? What can we do to raise the budget?

I’m aware that 30k could get us maybe a billboard or two on the side of a highway but not Times Square. I only purposed Times Square simply because it’ll lead to thinking in different terms when it comes to it.

How can we afford it?


Personally, I think we should deliver the product before spending on marketing.


Like Digarch suggested, there’s merit in waiting. However, with Q3 approaching (fast!), initiating our marketing strategy now is advisable. Starting with gathering what needs to be done sets a solid foundation. Ideally, intensifying our marketing efforts a week or two before Bone Crusher ensures we’re ready to go all out. Continuing this momentum up to the K9 Finance v2 launch is crucial. This phased approach is optimal because launching an aggressive marketing campaign now might spike interest prematurely without a live product, leading to potential interest wane before the actual launch.
But also willingness to adapt strategies based on ongoing feedback and results, is important. To be dynamic is the key for success.
Regarding costs, while I’m not qualified to judge the specifics, I believe we should invest whatever is necessary to afford K9 the marketing it rightfully deserves.


I think this is a great start, however, I do feel its low, we have a surplus of 400k in the treasury lets use this up. Keep in mind we do have a revenue producing product coming in the next few months

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I will rather have treasury resources channelled to builders that are developing products that are crucial to promoting DeFi on Shibarium. We should instead spend more resources targeting these builders and not just for the purpose of creating hype.


I agree, but its also important to note that the testnet is coming this Quarter. Marketing is used to increase the cashflow, when buisnesses cut back on marketing they start to struggle because money needs to be flowing in, not stagnating. Instead of looking at Marketing as just another expense that needs to be cut i would be upping the marketing ahead of the testnet. We just don’t want a flood and a sudden drought. Buisnesses that also get too big too fast and can’t keep up with the demand often ballon and deflate quickly.


This proposal has passed the Roundtable of Dogs review and is being moved to Snapshot for on chain voting.

The official Snapshot vote is live and can be found here - Snapshot


Thanks for your input, I’ve already voted in favour.


let’s go! Can’t wait 'til this gets passed and we start seeing K9 in lights all over X and Social Media! LET’S GO!


Its all good. No worries. Im ok with how this one goes