6 Month Development Budget Proposal

(1) Introduction and Objective

Start your proposal with a brief overview of the identified problem or opportunity. Clearly state your proposal’s objective and its alignment with K9 Finance DAO’s goals. Keep it concise and direct, communicating precisely what you’re proposing.

The management council requires a monthly development budget of $50,000 to execute on the development and technology goals of the K9 Finance DAO for the next 6 months. This is the development budget required to take version 1 of the product to market by Q3 and version 2 of the product to market by Q4. With the budget, the management council is confident that we can accelerate the timeline of the Q3 and Q4 launches in line with the hopefulness of the community. This development budget will be required for 6 months.

After this duration, it is expected that the development budget will decrease drastically over time as the product comes to market, unless a significant proposal is successfully passed through the DAO that requires additional development resources beyond the current product roadmap.

This development budget is very much in line with the budget planning from the initial architecture of the K9 Finance DAO product. This budget will allow for the successful deployment of the current roadmap to ensure that the DAO is delivering on the current roadmap. The 6 month period of this budget requirement aligns with the dates of the proposed launch of the product whereby early financial projections estimate that product revenue should cover development expenses post product launch.

(2) Benefits to K9 Finance Community

Clearly outline the advantages that the K9 Finance community will gain, such as ecosystem growth, technological advancements, and other relevant benefits.

The K9 Finance community will have dedicated resources that will be building the mainnet smart contracts, user interface, frontend, backend, and doing ongoing testing to ensure a safe and timely deployment of the product.

(3) Proposal Details

(a) WHAT: Outline the solution or strategy proposed to address the identified problem or opportunity. Explain the key features or components of the proposal.

The K9 Finance DAO will employ the following development resources for the next 6 months.

10 person development team

  • 1 full time smart contract developers
  • 1 full time backend developers
  • 1 full time frontend developers
  • 1 full time UI/UX
  • 1 full time QA
  • 1 full time project manager
  • 1 part time full stack / dev lead
  • 3 part time smart contract / full stack auditors

(b) WHO: Identify all stakeholders impacted by the proposal, including those who need to be involved in its implementation. This may include partners, the management council, or any other relevant parties.

Development staff, management council, K9 product users and the K9 community as a whole. The Shib and Shibarium communities will also benefit due to the documentation and tooling that will be created by the K9 Finance DAO development team. This will encourage further development activity on Shibarium and for new builders to build on top of K9 Finance in the future.

(c) WHERE: Specify the locations or platforms where the proposal will be implemented or have an impact. This could include specific regions, online platforms, or other relevant locations.

This budget allows the development team to continue working on the K9 Finance DAO testnet for Q2 and mainnet launch for Q3. The impact is bringing the full product roadmap to reality as defined in the litepaper.

(d) WHEN: Provide details on any special deadlines or timelines associated with the proposal. Outline the expected schedule for implementation, including milestones or key dates.

The management council requests the approval of this budget by April 15th 2024 to reflect in the next calendar month.

(e) HOW: Specify any resources needed, such as funding, technical support, or additional community involvement. Describe the specific steps or actions required to execute the proposal.

The K9 Finance DAO treasury wallet will send up to $50,000 USDT from the budget to the development resources at the start of each month. The community will be able to monitor this spending via the blockchain.

(4) Impact Assessment

Evaluate the potential impact of your proposal on the K9 Finance DAO ecosystem. Consider both short-term and long-term effects, as well as any risks or uncertainties. Include key metrics that might be relevant.

Reliable resources to ensure that the technical roadmap is delivered on time and with the professionalism, security, and quality that is required for such a critical piece of infrastructure for Shib and Shibarium. The short-term impact is a reduction in treasury funds, and the long term impact is the successful and stable launch of the K9 Finance DAO roadmap. Another important goal that will be accomplished with this is robust documentation for onboarding new developers onto Shibarium to build on top of K9 Finance. Tooling and documentation gaps are being identified to assist with the overall growth of Shibarium.


Getting the #BoneCrusher online is important to the roadmap and deliverables. 6 full time dev/QA and 4 part time for 50k a month is a modest budget imo. I am excited to see progress and will be voting yes if this is put to vote.


Wow. This looks like a properly calculated pay for the 10 people. I again was expecting a larger budget request for paid staff. Good job again on properly planning and budgeting the staffing.


I support this proposal, in addition I will recommend sharing a detailed cost loaded project plan of delivery for the works in the spirit of transparency.


This proposal has passed the Roundtable of Dogs review and is being moved to Snapshot for on chain voting.

The official Snapshot vote is live and can be found here - Snapshot