KNINE Tax Structure Adjustment Proposal

I finally was able to read the proposal in its entirety this evening. I 100% support this proposal and will vote YES


Excellent feedback from the Roundtable on this forum proposal. 2 salient changes were made here before going to a token holder vote that voters should be aware of:

  1. The language was changed to “up to” when referring to the tax structure so that the taxes can be adjusted anywhere from 0-4.9% by the multi-sig
  2. The language was adjusted to give the Management Council the ability to use the taxes generated within the operating budget of the DAO

The motivation behind this proposal, and the comments from the Roundtable for minor changes to the proposal, was to give closure on the tax discussion considering there have been many suggestions to changes in many posts on the forum. The discretionary use within an operating budget and the ability to adjust taxes up to 4.9% give the Management Council the ability to operate within a framework that could facilitate many suggestions community members have in regards to taxes without going to another on-chain vote in the near future


Proposal passed the Roundtable and is live for on-chain voting.


This new tax structure will help Shibarium, I voted YES!


It is a very well thought out proposal. While the impact assessment mentions short-term and long-term benefits I think it’s important to provide a more detailed quantitative analysis or projections to strengthen this proposal. Also, Can K9 round table expand on how they plan to mitigate the risks and uncertainties mentioned?